Why Families Should Consider 1 Bedroom Granny Flat

Why small families should consider 1 bedroom granny flat?

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Granny flats are an independent housing solution designed for either family of one or two persons. They are a self-contained area which is regarded to be the best for small families. This flat can either be attached or detached to the main house. These flats are denoted as granny flats because earlier they were a common way of accommodating ageing parents, but now the 1 bedroom granny flat has transformed to be much more than that.

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Though these flats fall into the category of tiny flats, yet their popularity makes it a must-have option for every home. Besides being an additional source of income, these flats can serve to be an extra space that can be devoted to work or recreational activities or as a form of guest room too.

What Makes 1 Bedroom Granny Flats Invaluable?

There are six reasons that make these flats an invaluable asset for property owners and these are

  1. Equipped with amenities: Despite of being small, these flats can be equipped with basic amenities that you would require for your day-to-day activities including kitchen, bathrooms and in certain cases a beautiful view as well. These amenities are makes them worth the investment.
  2. Quick construction: Unlike the construction of traditional houses, the 1 bedroom granny flat is often constructed at a faster pace, and this means you have a house of your own that too in your property but without spending way too much for it.
  3. Space of young couples: The newlyweds often prefer to move into granny flats, and thus it can be an incredible gift for your children to begin their married life. With this will have the opportunity to stay near you but still retain their freedom! In addition to that, it strengths their new relationship, allows them to enjoy a private space and most importantly it is quite affordable.
  4. Business or workspace: If you often work from home and are looking for a simple home that has decent internet connection along with other essential amenities then granny flats can do the trick. Since the flats are not part of the main home, they often remain quiet and free from any sort of unwanted noises so that you can work with a peace of mind.
  5. Customizable designs: The design or layout of the 1 bedroom granny flat can be customized according to the requirements that you have. Therefore, when you are not sure with the design of the flat then you can discuss with a professional about the potential elements that you want the flat to have and then plan the design accordingly.
  6. Affordable: The last and the most important reason is that these flats can turn out be an affordable choice for small families, especially those who are willing to have extra space within their property. When not in use, you can even rent the flat and earn additional income from the same which will improve the ROI (return on investment).

Construction of Granny Flats in Your Property

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1 Bedroom Granny Flat

When you are planning to construct 1 bedroom granny flat within your property then the first thing that you would require is an approval from the council. The approval process is often fast-tracked and it basically examines whether the flat is in compliance with the regulatory framework of the country or not. Once that is done, then all you have to do is choose the ideal design and hire a professional builder for the construction of the same.

Remember to choose granny flat builders wisely. A good practice is to hire those who specialize in the construction of such flats and will be able to deliver what you are looking for.

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