Seeing The Seven Wonders Without Spending Seven Figures

There are few luxuries in life that are sought as universally as travel. Almost everyone dreams of taking some type of extravagant vacation. Some people seek historic destinations, others want thriving cities, but most of the ideal destinations are far away–and very expensive.

For that reason–and often, for no other–many people set aside those dream trips as the stuff of fantasy. They go back to their routine lives and their routine vacations, never realizing how close they might have been to reaching that goal.

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich

The first mistake many people make in thinking about their dream vacation is assuming that far away in geography is the same as far away in money. But that’s definitely not the case. If you want to bring a dream vacation a little closer to reality, start thinking and planning now about how to do it.

#Look At Lodging

There is as much variety in places to stay as there is in places to go. Think of college kids on spring break. They are in town primarily to go to beaches, restaurants, and bars, with the hotel serving mostly as a place to clean up and rest. If your dream trip is focused on a destination that will keep you on the go most of the time like that, you can back off a little bit on the hotel cost.

But even if luxury accommodations are on your must-have list, you don’t have to break the bank. Travelers who follow Welk Timeshare Hawaii on Twitter get up-to-the-minute information on options for traveling to their amazing beach properties. It’s a must-follow for anyone thinking of an island getaway. Many times a special pricing event will emerge and quickly disappear, so you have to be ready to make a move.

#Consider Conveyance

The further away you go, the more it costs to get there. That’s obvious. But there are lots of ways to economize on travel without being miserable.

Air travel has changed, particularly in the area of security. By the time you allow for baggage check and security screenings, you need to arrive at the airport much earlier than a 1990’s traveler did. Throw in baggage claim at your destination and secure your rental car or a taxi; you’ve given up much of the time you gained by flying. And all that is assuming you live near an airport.

Add it up! If you have to drive an hour to an airport, go through the process above, make a couple of connections, and endure a layover, you will almost certainly get there faster if you just drive.

#Pass On The Peak

Most destinations have some degree of weather sensitivity. Skiing destinations need snow, beaches need heat, and nobody wants southeast Asia during monsoon season.

When you travel to these places during peak season, you will obviously have the optimum experience. You’ll also have the optimum price. Your room will cost more, restaurants will be packed, and there will be long lines for attractions.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of a week or two to change the whole pricing model into something far more within your means. As you look at prices, review dates and see if you can manage one of those big-saving adjustments. You may even find amazing deals for Westin timeshare resorts if you are willing to travel during shoulder season. The key is flexibility. It’s the single biggest factor in reducing your vacation cost.

Another option is to avoid areas that have those peak seasons. Some places are in full function year-round. Las Vegas is always plugged in and ready for visitors. New York City has fun waiting for you any time of year. So if you hate paying a much higher rate just to be there when thousands of other people are there, you might re-think your destination and go somewhere that’s always ready.

Travel will always carry some significant costs, but you don’t have to be bankrupted by your vacation. Some minor adjustments can get you right where you want to be and get you home with money in your pocket.

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