Drink Tea in Style: Accessories Simply

During winter, tea accessories are used more and more frequently: with a simple DIY accessory we can make the cosy minutes of drinking tea comfortable and classy.

teafiltertartó egyszerűen


For a quite long time I couldn’t even stand the sight of tea. I got chills only thinking about it. Everything started when I got pregnant with Big Boy. Starting then, no fish, no tea. Later tea somehow fought its way back into my everydays, but I still can’t eat our finned friend, I even have to clip my nose to cook it, since of course everybody else loves them in the family, and Big Boy is a passionate and fortunate fisher.

But back to the tea! On autumn mornings – when I don’t get anything to get done from my loved ones – I like sitting in the child-free flat staring out through the window, watching the yellow leaves of those big trees in the neighbor’s garden, listening to the tangible silence. I also like to drink tea with the children, although of course this gives a whole lot different feeling. On these occasions they also get a bit more silent (maybe because they concentrate on not burning their tongue… or they already have burnt it and can’t speak because of the pain). Most of the times there’s also something to bite on with the hot tea, so we have that typical prewar feeling.

But there’s one tiny little problem that repeatedly disrupts this moment, when the tea filters slide silently into the children’s mugs – before time of course – cutting all emergency routes without any warning. These times you can get anything one could ask for: bungling, fungling and trepidancy, how to get the filters and the papers at their ends out of the hot water, before they dissolve with the lemon and the honey. So I looked up the easiest way to stop the renitent filters from dragging the string and the piece of paper made to help us pull them out as a part of their sabotage attempt. (Source.)

Tea bag holder butterfly simply

teafiltertartó egyszerűen



  • harder piece of paper
  • scissors
  • model to download
  • coloured pencils, markers, etc.


  • print the model onto a harder paper
  • decorate the butterflies as you wish (you can decorate both sides, or print it on coloured paper if you would like to)
  • cut out the model
  • fold the butterfly into half, cut out the heart shape on its middle as well
  • lie the string of the filter on the folding line and put the butterfly on the side of your mug (the butterfly shape keeps the paper at the end of the string from sliding into the tea)


  • if someone isn’t content with these, than do as written below:

cut off the piece of paper of the string, drill a hole in the butterfly above the heart shaped part, drive the string through it with a drill, tie up the end and then hang the butterfly on the side of the mug (if we transform more filters in this way and pack it nicely, we get a really good-looking, unique present, that makes drinking tea comfortable and stylish).

Present idea

teafiltertartó egyszerűen


  • we can create a small package for our tea-lover friends in a few simple steps by adding some chocolate or cookies and two teas to the filter-holders

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