Trundle Beds for Kids Are Functional and Fashionable at Same Time

Trundle beds for kids are functional and fashionable at same time.

functional beds for kids


Decorating the kid’s bedroom can be a tough job especially when they are growing and their preferences change rapidly. However, one thing that can bring consistency to their room is trundle beds for kids. When you have more than one kid, these beds are the best option you can have, to save space and decorate the room at the same time.

  • These beds are cozy, functional and the best part is that the coasters will allow you to roll the bed underneath a large bed when it is not in use.
  • It is the bed that you can have during the growing years of your kids with their ever increasing numbers of school books and toys. Now trundle beds are also available in all sizes, which nearly look like adults could use these.
  • There is no doubt in the fact that, trundle beds for kids have brought around a revolutionary change as far as beds are concerned. One most important thing about these beds is that, when you are not using these for sleeping, you can use these as a drawer underneath your bed to store important stuff.  This works as solution to the problem of space scarcity in the room.

Specifications That Are Available

There are few specifications of trundle beds for kids that make them different from other types of beds for kids.

  • The extra bunk available underneath the bed can be used like a bed to sleep on, using a mattress. You can slide the trundle bed inside or roll it out with the help of wheels or pulley.
  • You can offer two to three sleeping units with a single trundle bed for kids.  If you want have a slumber party for kids or if your child’s toddler cousins are visiting him, you have the solution for their sleep time with trundle beds.
  • Some trundle beds also come with drawers. Here, you can store the extra stuff in your household as well as the stuffs that belong to your children.

Materials Used in Trundle Beds

You will find trundle beds for kids made out of different materials.

  • Laminated trundle beds that have a plastic wood grain finish. These are stain-proof and are ideal for making furniture for kids.
  • You will also find another kind in market that is made out of solid wood. They are durable and they last long. This is a viable option while choosing trundle beds for your children. 
  • Another material available for trundle beds is medium density fiberboard. They are made of high-grade composite material. These are known to perform better than solid wood. These can also be said as high quality pressed board.

Kinds of Beds Available

functional beds for kids


There are varieties of styles that can be found in trundle beds for kids, making them both versatile and unique. Few typical types you will find in market are,

  • Classic ones structured in cabinet style. You will find one mattress set underneath the top one, row of drawers like structure is also available to hide mattresses from outsiders and preserve its show.
  • There is another type available with drawers. It gives added storage facility in your kid’s bedroom. Now you can ensure more floor space and tidiness.
  • Lastly, there are twin and mega trundle beds that offer two or more sleeping facilities. In the mega trundle beds, you will also find a storage space underneath.

Choosing the right type of trundle beds is quite important. If your kid moves around on the bed a lot in his bed, you will have to opt for slightly high or raised sturdy bars.

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