Valentine’s Day 2k17: Gift Guide for All Ages

Do you know what to give for your love on Valentine’s Day? Here is a gift guide for all ages.

valentine gift guide


With the romantic season approaching fast, Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away. New relationships will bloom, older ones will rekindle, and February 14th has always been an eventful day in any couples life. People become nostalgic on this day, looking back at their first date, first kiss and so on. But, our celebrations of V-day around the world changes with time. Elder generations do care about V-day, as much as we do. Maybe it’s a bit different, but the level of enthusiasm remains intact. As people mature they grow out of liking typical and common gifts. So instead of spending money on just roses and chocolates, people tend to think out of the box. And if financial boundary is not a hindrance, price tags often don’t matter.

As we grow up it isn’t about heart shaped rings or chocolates anymore, it’s about what our partners need, what they deserve. And we have been around long enough to know that by now. So today we will be helping you to find that perfect gift he/she deserves. And we have divided them categorically in age groups just for you. Check them out.

Celebration for the Day of love in 20s

valentine gift guide


This is the early age of relationships, when dating is more likely to be prolific along with social outings. Teenagers tend to spend more; hence the gifts tend to be lavish.  Anything ranging from expensive clothes, latest gadgets to singing telegrams, etc. The relationships are evaluated on the size and price of the gifts like one can send romantic flowers online on this special day to your lover. Going out for movies, or just spending the whole day together can be much more refreshing. V-day in your twenties mostly tend to be one of the earliest of a relationship, so make sure it remains memorable for you and your partner to cherish in the future.

Loves comes with maturity in 30s

As couples reach the age of thirty, the maturity level kicks in. They settle down, get hitched and start taking life more seriously along with the added responsibility that is bestowed upon them. They will often find the teenage lovey-dovey matters childish and will probably laugh off such ideas. So gifts may not matter that much anymore, it’s about the quality time you spend with your special one. So you should be looking for a romantic getaway, spend the V-day at any exotic location where you can both relax from your everyday life and also spend quality time together. Also, surprise your partner with sweet gestures like personalized love vouchers, each completed with different items or benefits of your partners likings.

Dating on Valentine in 40s

valentine gift guide


As you reach the 40’s, relationships start to settle down a bit, you may or may not have kids. But there is surely added responsibility you have to cope with. It’s all about understanding and respecting the needs of each other. In case you are dating, you will be more open minded as you have already experienced a significant part of life and will be aware of what is required to make a relationship successful. You will be more patient and thoughtful with how you want to spend V-day with your loved one. Something small and intimate, nothing lavish but cosy enough to rekindle the romance. More likely to be a romantic candlelight dinner, or a special jewellery to light her day up.

Love and V-Day become more unconditional in 50s

Couples in their 50’s are more reserved. They have done it all and seen it all. Together they have experienced the ups and downs of life; they know each other like two sides of a coin. It all comes down to respecting each other’s needs. They wouldn’t like lavish gateways or fancy gifts but something more personal. Spending time together is necessary, but must not become repetitive. So planning short and cosy getaways, visiting new places or just cooking dinner together at home should be the aim for couples of this particular age group. You can also spend the day watching your favourite movies, or going through personal photo albums, reminiscing your time spent together.

V-day Gifts in 60s

By the time we reach 60’s, V-day isn’t much of a priority. We will be more concentrated on our family, our kids, grand children etc. So surprise your partner with the help of your family. Gift them something through the hands of your children or grand children will warm them up the most. Or plan a family day all together to make it more special. Because at this age, family is all that matters.

So, as V-day approaches make sure to keep these little things in mind. We hope our tips will help you to make your special day with your special one mesmerizing.


valentine gift guide


Remember, it comes only once a year. Enjoy.

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