3 Health Benefits of Clean Air in Your Home

Why is good to clean the air in your home?

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During the winter your children will spend more time inside. Gone are the long summer days spent running around the yard and playing with friends. In the winter, your children are more likely to spend time playing video games and hanging out in the house. This means they’re more susceptible to illnesses caused by dust, smoke, and poor indoor air quality. Here are three reasons to ensure the air in your home stays clean all season long.

Clean Air Reduces Allergens

Do your kids suffer from dust mite allergies? If your family members cough and wheeze when exposed to a dusty attic or bookshelf, then they could be miserable through most of the winter. When the heating system is on, dust can easily blow through the house, but there’s no outlet like there would be in the summer.

By replacing your HVAC filters regularly and cleaning the floors and surfaces of your home, you’re improving their air quality and reducing the effect that dust has on your allergies. Eliminating dust from your home can also drive away pests like cockroaches that damage your health.

Fireplace and Stove Maintenance Decreases Asthma Flare-Ups

Fireplaces are common in parts of the country where it snows regularly, and some families use them as a supplement to traditional heating. However, not all of the smoke goes up the flue, and it’s possible for the fireplace to irritate people who suffer from asthma. Stoves can also circulate smoke through the air when they’re used frequently during the holidays.

To keep your home’s air cleaner, check to make sure the range hood works correctly and sucks up most of the smoke in the air. You should also have your fireplace cleaned annually to reduce buildup that could push smoke into the house. This way your family can still enjoy the holiday season without the risk of an asthma attack.

Unclean Air Affects Your Immune System

If your home is filled with allergens, smoke, and dust, then your body has to work extra hard to fight irritants that harm the body. When your immune system works harder, you’re more susceptible to illnesses when exposed to dangerous bacteria or viruses. Plus, as any parent knows, once a child comes down with an illness, the whole family will inevitably catch it as well. By keeping your home’s air clean, you can reduce the pressure on your immune system and stay healthy throughout cold season.

Even if your indoor air is clean, the humidity level might cause your house to become unnecessarily damp. This can also lead to illnesses and create an uncomfortable environment for your family members. Consider investing in a dehumidifier to increase the air circulation and comfort level of your home.

Improving the air in your home only takes a few steps. From routine maintenance for your fireplace and HVAC system to daily dusting and cleaning, it’s possible to have a cleaner home and happier family in a few days.

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