Trip to Hawaii with Family: What To Be Considered?

Planning a Trip to Hawaii with Family: What To Be Considered?

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When it comes to finding a perfect vacation destination in the United States that the whole family will love while also giving a unique cultural experience at the same time, few places will compete with the former island kingdom of Hawaii. From its stunning beaches to massive peaks that can sometimes be covered with fresh snowfall, Hawaii is a varied landscape, and it’s a good idea to study up on family holidays in Hawaii before taking the plunge and purchasing a vacation package. Some of the things that you might think about are the type of hotel or resort you’ll stay in, what island you want to visit and any excursions you might want take.

Getting a Flight

Several domestic and a few international airlines offer flights directly from North America and Europe to Hawaii, and with connections, it’s possible to get to an absolute paradise from just about anywhere. If your travel plans are somewhat flexible, it might be a good idea to wait for a fare sale before booking your tickets. Additionally, if you’re looking to lock in tickets with frequent flyer miles, most of the domestic carriers with service to Hawaii will open up availability about 330 days in advance.

Starting to look as close to the opening of space as possible is a smart move that can help you toward getting the flights you want.

Lodging in Hawaii

There are many options when looking at where to stay in Hawaii with kids. Whether you’d like to stay in a local home, a budget hotel in Waikiki or a massive resort, Hawaii has options that will fit your lodging goals and your budget. There are a number of hotels within a few blocks of the beach in Honolulu that can fit the budget-conscious traveler. Many people, however, would be better served served by splurging a bit and booking a resort.

There are quite a few resorts that sit on beachfront property that are located throughout the various islands, and many of them are operated by major chains. Most of these will have eating establishments on site and some will even offer some activities for kids to take part in so that the adults can have some alone time. Doing the proper research beforehand and narrowing down some lodging options that interest you is a great step to take.

Decide on Your Island

The state of Hawaii is actually made up of an archipelago of several islands. When most people think of Hawaii, they think of Oahu and its major city of Honolulu. The city is very urbanized and cosmopolitan, and it is also home to the world-renowned Waikiki Beach and the North Shore, which is known for offering some impressive surfing opportunities for visitors. Maui is a little more laid back and provides a more classical rural island experience.

Those who are looking for some time in a less developed flowery garden paradise with waterfalls emerging out of a mountainous terrain might prefer Kauai. If you’d rather deal with a major diversity when it comes to landscape and climate, perhaps the Big Island would fit the bill. Your family might also be impressed with the active volcanoes on the Big Island that run into the Pacific.


Few people will take a vacation to Hawaii without spending a bit of time on one of the beaches that dot the landscape and meet the Pacific Ocean. When people think of the best Hawaiian beaches for swimming, Waikiki might come to mind. While there are some nice beach parks along the shore in Honolulu, there are many other beaches that are less congested. Just a short drive from Waikiki is Hanauma Bay and its numerous opportunities for snorkeling.

Just about every major resort will have a beach, and many of them will provide a chance for swimming. If the surf is a little rough at these sites at a given time, your family can just enjoy some time on the sand and take a dive in the hotel or resort’s pool when they want to cool off a bit.


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Excursions and Activities

There are many kid-friendly places in Hawaii that offer an opportunity for your family to have an enjoyable time of making memories. Experiencing a luau with traditional Polynesian dancing and a smoked pig for dinner is a must for any first-time or returning visitors to the islands. If you’re staying near Honolulu, you might also want to take a trip to the Honolulu Zoo or the Aquarium, both of which are just a short trek from the eastern edge of Waikiki. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there are other exciting options that include surfing lessons or arduous hikes through jungle settings. Helicopter rides can also give pretty impressive views of the islands for those who feel comfortable flying over the sites.

While Hawaii has long been considered a romantic getaway for honeymoons and anniversaries, it can also be a great experience for families. Whether you want to lounge around the pool while watching the surf roll in or you want to get out into a natural setting, Hawaii is the place for you. Just be sure to plan before leaving to maximize the fun that your family will have on its holiday.

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