Give the Autistic Child a Better Quality Of Life

How to give the autistic child a better quality of life?

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Lack of interests, reduced social interests, or engagements is key risk indicators associated with autism. The onset of autism occurs in the mother’s womb itself; however, most children will start showing symptoms before 3 years of their age. Physicians say that autism can be caused due to various reasons which may include genetic, environmental, and biological factors.

The causes of autism treatment can be due to the below-mentioned reasons:

  • It can occur if phenylketonuria is not treated.
  • It can be caused due to tuberous sclerosis.
  • It may occur if the mother during pregnancy has suffered from rubella virus or measles.
  • It may be caused due to the presence of fragile X syndrome.

Apart from this, if the advanced age of the parents at the time of conception can result in this type of disorder in the children. Pre matured baby, low birth rate, oxygen deficiency to the brain of the baby can be the causes of autism treatment.

Listed below are some of the symptoms that may indicate that the child is suffering from autism:

  • A child may not speak at all or speak very little by the age of two.
  • He or she may constantly repeat the same word or phrase.
  • A child with this disorder may prefer eating food items with the same texture.
  • In order to look at a particular substance, he or she may lean the head often.
  • They usually do not prefer to be in social gatherings and do not make eye contact or gestures.
  • They may not respond to their name or show interest in other children, pets or engage in play.
  • They easily get upset and angry and may also indulge in self-destructive behavior such as biting or banging their heads constantly.
  • They may not understand sarcasm or humor and tend to react strongly.
  • They prefer to follow the same routine and any small changes can make them confused and frustrated.

Thus, if any of the following symptoms are found in a child, one should not ignore them; instead should get in touch with doctors so that the child can lead a better quality of life.

With the advancement in medical science certain innovative therapies and treatments have come in which can help the child or the adult to lead a better quality of life. Mentioned below are some of the common treatments and therapies that the doctor may recommend for an autistic child such as:

  • Speech and language therapy: This can help the child to develop the speaking power that they usually lack in autism. This therapy has proven to have helped a lot of children. The professional therapist is there can assist the child with the articulation disorder problem. The time span of the therapy may differ depending on the age of the child.
  • In addition, certain educational and behavioral therapies are also included so that the child can know how to behave properly and interact with people in a social gathering. This also includes cognitive developmental theory.
  • Certain specific medications, diets, and vitamin supplements are recommended. Medications such as antipsychotics, antidepressants are recommended for treating mental disorders. Vitamin C and B6 and essential fatty acids are included in their daily routine. A special diet such as Casein and a Gluten-free diet is provided so that the functioning of the brain can be improved.

Although there are no proven causes of autism treatment that can help in treating this disorder; but by providing the right therapy and treatment; they can lead a better quality of life and can also prosper in career.

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