Christmas Party Ideas 2016

What are the best Christmas party ideas for the year 2016?

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The magical time of Christmas is round the corner. Everyone seems excited with the air filled with joy and festivity. Kids are waiting the festival in great anticipation with a lot of plan to have a perfect holiday party.  So, what are you planning to make Christmas 2016 truly special for kids? No matter what you plan, make sure to include Santa, reindeer and snowmen in the mix! Fun should be there at any cost.  

Plan a kid-friendly dessert table, be ready to have sweets and treats in plenty and don’t hesitate to throw some games in the mix. Make sure you get enough of candies, cookies, cakes and games this year. Here are some Christmas party ideas for kids.

#Cookie Decorating Party

Host a cookie decorating party this Christmas and give kids lots to have fun with. This way, you can mix creativity and cookies and give the kids a freedom to run riot, literally. Get all ingredients needed for the party and then let kids hog all the limelight! With your little ones engaged in cookie decoration, you could make the act a bit competitive and ask the best decorator to take back home some more of the yummy cookies.    

#Sweet Treats Dessert Table

This Christmas, give your kids a chance to dance around a sweet treats dessert table. Fill the table with yummy cupcakes and lollipops and make the kid feel happy and excited at the same time. Put in the mix striped fabric and paper snowflakes and have glass jars filled with candies of different colours and hues. This is how fun and colour could be added to the party this year for sure.

#Christmas Tree Decoration

A Christmas party is incomplete without decorating the Tree. So, give kids what they love the most – tree decoration. Put in place all what is needed for decoration purposes and if something is missing, run up to the store. Now, divide teams and ask them to decorate with as much creativity and freedom they’d need. Make the entire exercise competitive and then reward the one exceeding the standard.


party ideas


#Movie-themed party

Kids love movies. They love watching superheroes and supermen and their daredevil acts. This Christmas, you could host a movie-themed party where guests should be asked to come over in the dress of their favourite character. Needless to say, you could add a bit of competitiveness to the whole exercise and reward the one who has turned best attired.

#Gift Wrapping Party

Fun and creativity should be part of the Christmas party this year. So, up the ante and host a gift wrapping party. Set a price range and ask guests to come over to the party with some gift. Be ready with all wrapping materials, papers, frills and stickers. Once all guests have arrived, instruct them and let them do the wrapping thing. Kids are sure to love this unique party idea.

#Snowman Slam Game

Fun should be focus for this year’s Christmas party. So, choose the game with some purpose and choose one that delights all your guests for sure. How about putting up the snowman slam game? This game is easy to recreate where kids have use a snowball to strike snowman cups. With all things homemade, this party won’t cost you beyond the budget for sure.  

#Christmas Candy Tree

Kids love candies and they love it even more during Christmas time. So, plan a party that revolves around decorating candy tree this season and give kids fun and creativity both. First, have enough candies and then ask guests to decorate the tree. Once the decoration is done, give kids the freedom of grab the bar of their choice and feel happy.   

#Snowman Marshmallows

Fun, cute and charming. This is how snowman marshmallows pops appear to kids. These pops make kids dance with joy. They look simple and they are easy to create. Ask kids to come over well prepared so that they could make pops. Needless to say, make the act competitive and reward the one doing a great job at making the snowman pops.

Well, these are some ideas for hosting kids parties this year during the Christmas. So, choose the best from the lot and make the festival memorable.

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