Top Cleaning Tips For Bedding and Comforters

Do you know the top cleaning tips for bedding and comforters?

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In your entire bedroom, the bed is the star of the show without a doubt. It is the center of the attention and the type of bed sheet you have on it, definitely, makes a statement.

Choosing the right bed sheet and comforter that goes with the theme of your room is a challenge. However, it is nothing as compared to the struggle of keeping them clean. Even a little spot can disturb the entire outlook of the room, so you need to go an extra mile with the cleaning techniques.

Here are few of the cleaning tips that you can use to achieve that flawless and neat look:

#1 Clean it before washing

Remove stains before it goes in the laundry It is known by the experience of a manufacturer of quality cotton bed sheets that before you put your bed sheet in the laundry, remove stains like oil or lotion spots using a dish soap.

#2 Prepare!

The preparation before your bed sheet goes through before going in the laundry is important. Hence close the Velcro straps (if any), so it does not get tangled with anything else. Also, avoid washing it with clothes with metallic zippers or any fabric with the rough texture to avoid inconvenience.


cleaning tips


#3 Keep a light hand on detergent

It is crucial. Use less detergent than the manufacturer advises you to. The reason is that the chemicals in detergents weaken the fabric. As a result, the longevity of the bed sheet will get affected, and the colors will fade over time. No one wants that! What can be the good solution? The laundry detergent sheets! If you order laundry detergent sheets via Amazon, you not just save much space and do not waste but you also reduce your carbon foot.

#4 Say no to fabric softeners

This is a common mistake we all make. To maintain the sleekness and softness of the fabric, we tend to gravitate towards fabric softeners. Fabric softeners do more bad than good. They form a coating around the natural fibers, weakening them. Stay away from them to increase the life of your favorite bedsheet.

#5 Do not use bleach

Bleach is an amalgam of many industrially processed chemicals. Do not use it for cleaning, not even the ‘safe’ bleach. The oxidizing agents in bleach are the primary reason behind the discoloring of the bedsheet. Likewise, keep it safe from toothpaste, floor polishing liquid, and accidental splatters.

#6 Change the order

Usually, we put clothes in the washing machine and then add detergent. While washing your bed sheets and comforters, add water and detergent first. In this way, the detergent will be diluted before you add clothes and it will minimize the effect of the harmful chemicals.

#7 Watch out for temperature

An ideal setting to wash is ‘warm.’

Cold water is best to clean, but it does not sanitize. Warm water does both of the jobs efficiently; it will clean your bed sheet and get rid of germs as well. Also, the detergent works best, and the chemicals are most mobilized in this temperature range.


cleaning tips


#8 Mild drying method

The best method of drying is the line method. However, if you do not have any particular place for line drying, tumble the drying option on ‘low’. Go gentle on your sheets. Otherwise, the high temperature is likely to break down fibers, making them weak and more prone to damage.

Do you have any cleaning tips for bedding and comforters? Please, do comment below!

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