4 Ways to Deal with the Holiday Stress

How to deal with the Holiday stress?

holiday stress


Ready or not, the holidays are here! Sometimes it can feel like the best time of the year, but as a parent, it’s easy to feel the pressure and stress of the holiday season. This year, with some help from Casper, everyone can unwind and de-stress with these helpful tips!

1. Plan ahead

This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest holiday stressors is not having enough time to get everything done. Try to set aside specific days for Christmas shopping, visiting friends, and some of your other favorite holiday activities. For holiday meals and parties, make sure to plan your menu and create a shopping list. This will help prevent last minute scrambling when you’re preparing your meals.

2. Involve your kids

Don’t be afraid to include your kids in your holiday to-do list. From decorating, to helping prepare your meal, involving your kids at a young age is important. Not only will it give you the help you need, but also sets up the framework for family traditions. Giving your kids tasks is productive and builds confidence.

3. Learn to say no

Saying yes to everyone, when you should be saying no, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and resentful. Those close to you will understand that you can’t possibly participate in every activity around the busy holiday season. After all, they’re your friends and family! If you know it’s impossible to make it, or it’s just too stressful, simply explain and respectfully decline. If it’s not possible to say no, try to remove something else from your schedule to make up for that time.

4. Take a break

Ultimately, one of the best ways to reduce overall stress is to take a break. It may seem like you don’t have enough time, but a simple 20-minute nap can refresh you enough to handle everything you need. It’s crucial to make some time for yourself, grab a book, and consider finding a nice, comfy place to lay your head for a few minutes. A high quality mattress makes all the difference. This will help you unwind and also reduce any built up stress this time of year.


holiday stress

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  1. These are great tips, and essential for us to remember this time of year. Most often we sacrifice sleep first when our lives get busy, even though this makes things worse. I actually just got a Casper mattress last week, and am really loving it!

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