Wear These Pieces of Clothing During Pregnancy to Minimize the Physical Impact

What to wear during pregnancy to minimize the physical impact?

pregnancy physical impact


Pregnancy is a miracle, but it isn’t always pretty. Don’t let the many amazing selfies of pregnant celebrities on Instagram fool you. Almost no one looks like Coco Austin six months into a pregnancy.

Celebrities know that they have to take care of themselves during pregnancy if they want to look better than ever after giving birth. Turns out what you wear during pregnancy can make a difference. Some of the top pregnancy ailments could be avoided by incorporating these pieces into your wardrobe.

Circulation Boosting Support Socks

There are few pieces of clothing that you can wear now to help minimize the physical effects of pregnancy later on. High-quality support socks are at the top of the list. Between a 50% increase in blood and swelling, circulation can be a problem that causes varicose veins to form.

Support socks that are designed to provide gradual compression get the fluids moving and ease pain. Today they come in all kinds of designs and colors so you don’t have to sacrifice your pregnancy style.

Wear Stretchy Denim to Prevent Stretch Marks

The biggest concern for many women is the dreaded stretch marks of pregnancy.

First off, you should always put on coco butter or another creamy lotion before getting dressed. Moisturized skin is more elastic and stretches further without the fiber bands breaking. Start wearing the lotion on your belly, hips, butt and breasts the first day you find out you’re pregnant. This is the best way to possibly prevent stretch marks in the first place.

Another important wardrobe consideration is your jeans. Skinny jeans have been shown create swelling and can rub the sensitive skin around your growing mid-section. Invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans that have a lot of stretch and a cotton waistband. Paired with a tunic or long tank they’ll look just like your other super tight skinny jeans.

Replace Your Thongs With Brazilian Cut Undies

Another unfortunate reality of pregnancy for many women is hemorrhoids. It’s the result of more pressure on your rectum, increased blood flow and bouts of constipation. Blood vessels around the rectum can become swollen and uncomfortable. Needless to say, having a thong rubbing up against hemorrhoids won’t help matters.

If you can’t stand having your backside covered or having underwear lines show, Brazilian cut underwear are the next best option. The style has been given the nickname “cheeky” for a reason. Brazilian panties cut up high forming a v-shape on the derriere rather than covering the whole cheek.

Protect Your Arches With Cute Flats and Tennis Shoes

If you want to decrease the size of your swollen ankles and feet don’t add on any extra pressure with heels. The extra weight and swelling of pregnancy can be so extreme it can cause your feet to grow. Studies have shown that around 60-70% of women have permanent changes to their feet. The arches are shorter and the length is 0.1-0.4 inches longer.

Imagine none of your shoes fitting right ever again, which is the case during pregnancy. To minimize the permanent damage to your feet don’t stand for long periods and wear supportive flats. Wearing insoles that support your arches is also a good idea.

Fortunately for pregnant stylistas, there’s a great selection of flats in all price ranges. Tennis shoes are actually more stylish than ever before and fit perfectly with the fashionable workout attire trend.

Double Duty Maternity/Nursing Hoodie

This is so genius it had to be added to the list. Buying maternity clothes is a bit of a let down since most items will be worn for a limited time. But a maternity/nursing hoodie can be worn for a lot longer if you plan to breastfeed. Plus, who doesn’t like a comfortable, stylish hoodie?

We really like the hoodie from Bun Maternity. It’s made of super soft terry cloth and has a snug fit that keeps it from looking frumpy. The best part is the front panel unsnaps so you can nurse without having to get undressed.

Every woman will have a unique pregnancy experience, but there’s no reason any of us have to sacrifice style or suffer through uncomfortable physical changes. Add the right items to your closet and you’ll look even better as a hot mama.

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