Check Car Before You Plan Road Trip with Kids

Why you should check your car before you plan a road trip with your kids?

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“Expect the unexpected” because if anything can go wrong it will. People may call you a pessimist but it pays to be careful, very careful, especially when you are planning a road trip with your kids in your family car. Your happiness (and your lives) depends on the car. Imagine a scenario when you are driving along a freeway with your kids in a cool air conditioned car on a hot blustery day and the car, instead of rolling along smoothly, comes to a halt and you get out swearing and cursing to find out what the problem is. Do not let it happen to you.

Plan ahead to give the car a through check up at a car service

Do you feel like you could do it on your own and give your car a thorough check up once over? Do not. Take it to a certified, competent, expert car service you trust absolutely to ensure your car is in as near perfect condition it can be as is possible given its age. If it is new get it checked nonetheless. Your expert car mechanic will know what exactly to do. However, one can never be too careful so you might as well give him a written check list of things you want checked in your car and hold him responsible if the car breaks down.

Things you must make sure of

  • Tires: Ensure tread depth is 1.6mm. If the police stop and check and find it is less you could be in for a fine. It is also safer since tread depth translates to better grip and safe driving. Check spare tire and if you do not have one, get it. Get two for that matter.
  • Engine Oil: Check level and condition. It is worth replacing oil for a better and smoother drive.
  • Windscreen washer bottle: Check that it is full and keep a spare in the boot.
  • Lights: Check their functioning. Keep spare bulbs handy if your headlight is the type where you can install a replacement bulb. You could get additional LED lights installed on the top, just in case.
  • Check under the hood: Battery clips, condition of battery, level of fluid, hose clips, condition of hoses and rubber parts. Check under the car too for tell-tale signs of drips. Replace all hoses that are cracked or leaky.
  • Boot: Remove all those items that you were going to throw away anyway.
  • Insurance: Check you are fully insured. Put together all your documents to carry along…just in case

Take your car to your trusted car service center and tell them you want a through check and service as you are planning to go for a long drive in the near future They will know what to do. Sensible and responsible car service technicians inspect batteries, brake pads, hydraulics, fluid lines, power lines, rubber hoses, tires, differentials, chassis and suspension. If anything needs replacement, they will do it so you can have a carefree drive across the wild and wooly west.

Mechanics are not gods and so you can be ready to experience some problems in your cars. Once you get the car back from the car service, take it out for a spin and check out everything. If they have missed something, you have time to get it fixed. You owe it to your children and family in order to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. So make sure that you follow the above mentioned points if you want to experience a comfortable drive.

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11 thoughts on “Check Car Before You Plan Road Trip with Kids

  1. It’s a good idea to have the car maintenance up to date at all times, but I agree that if you’re taking a trip with your children or the whole family, it’s best to have your car checked out before leaving. An emergency kit in the trunk will go a long way if you happen to go off the road in different scenarios.

  2. So many great tips! It’s so important to take care of your car regardless of whether or not you have children. Way too many people don’t do what they can to prevent problems from arising. My car is always fully serviced before any road trips and an emergency kit is in my car at all times. It’s also super important to me that I know how to change the oil myself and change a tire as well. It’s good to be prepared!

  3. I really appreciate your suggestion to check the car before leaving for a road trip. Before leaving for a long road trip we should make it sure that every system of the car is working efficiently. And if we find any types of damage then it should be repaired in the first place. Before leaving for a long road trip we should inspect our car by a trusted and certified mechanics. And another important thing is that, if the battery is two to three year old then it should be replaced by a repairing center according to the owner’s manual.

  4. We should properly check the car before leaving for a road trip, specially when we are taking kids with us. In everything safety comes first and we should avoid to do stupid things in which safety is compromised. Tires should be properly inflated including the spare one. If battery is two to three years old then it should be replaced according to the owner’s manual. Different types of fluids used in the car should be checked before leaving for a road trip.

  5. Expert car service you trust absolutely to ensure your car is in as near perfect condition it can be as is possible given its age. Before leaving for a trip by your car with your kids make sure all functional parts of your vehicle must posses their right condition to operate properly. Besides checking of tires, light, engine oil, windscreen wiper you also need to check its brake parts weather it could meet the challenges that may be appear on the road. Once you get the car back from the car service, take it out for a spin and check out everything.

  6. Are you planning an outing? If yes, then before you hit the unfenced road, make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and in the peerless condition. A pre road-trip inspection will assure you a safe and comfortable driving. I think keeping the automobile in a matchless state is a great way to stay trouble-free and efficient. Thus, from my perspective, you should read the rubber, check the tire pressure, check the coolant and other fluid levels, examine your battery performance, inspect your braking and air conditioning system, change the oil if requires, check the wipers, spark plug, headlights, taillights, and other electrical connections by appointing an efficient auto technician so that you can enjoy the open road.

  7. It is nice to know that tire tread depth is directly associated with our safety. Better tread depth ensures better grip on the road, hence enables drive better control over the operation of the car. Tires with lesser tread depth unable to produce better grip on the road surface, hence it is really dangerous to drive with lesser tread depth. Brakes plays vital role in reducing the speed of the vehicle when required and should be inspected before leaving for a road trip. A quick inspection of the vehicle by a reliable automotive repairing center before leaving for a road trip is always advisable.

  8. Before going for a road trip, we should check all the functional parts of the car specially when we are taking kids with us. We should check & ensure that all the systems of the car are functioning properly. Besides checking the tire, light ,engine oil & wind screen wiper we must also check the brake parts. If the battery is 2-3 years old, it must be replaced by a new one. You must perform all the checking & replacement by a certified & trusted repair center & for this you may contact:

  9. Traveling with kids is a challenging job for the parents. Before leaving for long road trip with kids we should get ready for unexpected things that may happen on the road. First of all we have to ensure that the tire tread depth is 1.6mm. An average tread depth is required for a better grip and safe driving. We must check the level and condition of engine oil. The lights, brakes and other parts of the car must be inspected by a certified mechanic. If any part is found to be defective, then it must be repaired or replaced before leaving for a long drive.

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