6 Interesting Outdoor Activities for Your Kids

Outdoor activities make your kids more energetic and active and they have numerous benefits.

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Instead of spending time on the internet, video games and television that affect the mental and physical health, kids should have more outdoor activities. Outdoor activities have numerous benefits. For example, activities like running, playing hide and seek, and hiking can boost the kids overall health. Exposing to sunlight can prevent vitamin D deficiency that leads to osteoporosis. Outdoor activities have cognitive benefits.

Children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop disorders such as anxiety and depression. When you let your kids play outdoor, they can have the opportunities to increase their environment awareness. They learn how to respect the environment and protect the natural world. These outdoor activities help you build a strong connection to the natural environment. Unfortunately, nowadays children are not willing to play outdoor activities. They are attracted by internet, video games and television. I know it is quite difficult to start a new habit. However, if you are a good parent, you should encourage your kids to play outdoors.

Here are 6 interesting outdoor activities for your kids.

#1 Cat And Mouse

Cat and Mouse game is one of the common outdoor activities for your kids. This game needs more than 6 players. Therefore, it is an ideal game to play at the birthday party or family gathering. Enjoy the running and laughing moments with cat and mouse.

  • Children choose 2 players to be labeled as cat and mouse
  • Other kids hold hands and create a circle. Cat and mouse stand at the center of the circle
  • When the game starts, the mouse runs inside and around the circle. The cat has to chase after the mouse
  • The mouse has to escape from the cat without running far away from the circle
  • When the mouse is caught by the cat, the game ends.
  • Two new players are pointed to become new cat and mouse

#2 Capture The Flag

This interesting outdoor activity is suitable for kids of all ages. In Capture the Flag, parents can play with their children. You need 2 flags to play this game. More than 6 kids can enjoy Capture the Flag.

  • You divide kids into two teams. Team 1 stands in the front yard while team 2 plays in the back yard
  • 5 minutes is the limited time for each team to hide their flags in their own playing yard
  • The teams show the signal when they finish hiding their flags
  • Kids in each team have to find the opponents flag but make sure that they can not be caught. They go to jail if any players of the other team catch them.
  • The caught kids have to find an opportunity to run
  • Have fun and enjoy Capture the Flag

#3 Freezing Toes

Most kids like playing Freezing Toes in the summer. They enjoy the time of chilling out. You can take off your socks and play with them too. This outdoor activity strengthens the connection and relationship between you and your kids. In Freezing Toes, you do not need a group of kids. This is an interesting activity you and your kid can play in your yard or garden.

You will need:

  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Inflatable pool


  • Take some ice cubes and add them into an inflatable pool filled with water
  • Let the kids play with the ice cubes in the pool. Kids use their toes and feet to move in the pool

If you have more than one player, you can let them compete. The winner is the one who removes the most ice cubes. Have fun and enjoy Freezing Toes.

#4 Floating Balloons

Floating Balloons can be played not only indoors but also outdoors. Children of all ages can play this game. Kids like playing Floating Balloons in a party. You should prepare some packets of balloons.

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  • You give some balloons to each kid and then let them blow up
  • You can help kids tie the balloons if they can not do by themselves
  • Kid who blows up the most balloons in a limited time is the winner

Have fun and enjoy Floating Balloons at a party.

#5 Dry Sand Play

When you and your kids enjoy the vacation at the beach, you can let them play Dry Sand Play. This interesting activity for kids can also be played in backyard sandpit. This activity needs more than 2 players. You can play with them.

You should prepare:

  • Sand
  • Buckets
  • Scoops
  • Sieve
  • Plastic spoons
  • Plastic bottle


  • You let your kids play with the sand. Most kids like the sensation of sand flowing through their fingers
  • Kids can try to dig a hole with plastic spoons and then pour a bottle of sand to fill this hole
  • Kids can build a mountain or a castle with dry and wet sand

Have fun and enjoy Dry Sand Play.

#6 Catch The Monster By The Tail

Kids enjoy playing Catch the Monster by the Tail outdoors. You can add fun to the game by giving your kids a monster mask. The kid playing the role as the monster wears the mask and chases after the “ghost”. This activity needs more than 6 players.

You will need:

  • A piece of green fabric


  • The kids sit around to create a circle
  • A kid who is chosen to be a monster wears mask and ties a piece of green fabric as a tail
  • The monster walks around the circle and touches a kid’s head and then calls out “Ghost”
  • The monster runs and the ghost chases after the monster until he or she grab the monster’s tail
  • If the monster is caught, he or she continue playing as a monster. If the monster runs into the place of the ghost and sits there before being grabbed, the ghost becomes a new monster and the game continue.

There are many interesting outdoor activities for kids. Kids should play outdoors to improve the physical health and enhance the mental function. Kids who spend more time outdoors grow as more energetic, active and happier adults.

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  1. My little ones love playing with floating balloons. I don’t know what it is about the balloons, but they have the time of their lives throwing them up in the air and trying to catch them. They also really love playing with sand.

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