Custom-made Glass Pebble Magnets

Are you getting tired of the stock (fridge) magnets that all look the same? The custom-made glass pebble magnets can be holders of memories toys, decoration or gifts.

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I think there’s two kinds of people, those who love fridge magnets and those who just can’t stand them. Well, Husband and I belong to the latter group, unlike our children, who can’t seem to get enough of them and keep getting more and more horrible pieces, thanks to which our fridge looks like a christmas tree that has seen better days. They also immediately spot when I – about once every half year – try to get rid of a piece, and they set out on a rescue mission and won’t rest till they finds two new ones to make up for the one salvaged piece (they seem to get outside help as well!).

I might not be so much against fridge stickers if they wouldn’t all look the same and would have some unique features to them or could be customized in some way. Lo and behold, it is possible, and it’s simple enough so that it can be done together with small children.

The great thing about the custom glass pebble magnets is that they can be used in many different ways apart from putting them on the fridge. They can serve as a unique set of chips for board games, the ones containing family snapshots can be given as gifts, and if we use raw materials that relate to a family trip (pieces of a map, flower petals, etc.), they can serve as mamorabilia as well. (Source.)

Custom-made glass pebble magnets

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  • transparent, colorless glass pebble
  • photograph, picture, flowe pressed on paper, etc.
  • glue/glue pistol
  • cardboard/felt (pad)
  • round magnet


  • place the glass pebble on top of the selected picture/pattern, trace its outlines with a pencil and cut it out (cut a piece with the same shape and size out of the cardboard or felt)
  • glue the back of the picture on the pad and let it dry
  • glue the glass pebble on the picture and let it dry
  • finally glue the magnet on the back of the picture and wait till it holds completely (if you use a magnetic sheet, cut a piece with the diameter of the glass pebble out of it and glue that on the back of the picture)


egyedi buborékmágnes



  • if we use flat push pins instead of magnets, we end up with a unique set of pins


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