Coupons for Good: 5 Companies Giving Back While Simplifying Travel

Are you looking for ways to give back when you travel? Here are 5 companies giving back while simplifying your travel?

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Are you looking for ways to give back when you travel? Many companies in the travel industry make it easy to donate to nonprofit organizations even as they help simplify your travel planning. Booking your flights and arrangements through these companies will let you donate a portion of your travel budget to charity.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has a history of supporting national and community nonprofits. The company gives millions of dollars in travel and cash to nonprofit organizations each year, and its employees volunteer hundreds of thousands of hours to community service. Southwest invites charities and nonprofits in the areas it serves to apply for grants in the form of cash or airline tickets.


JetBlue supports a variety of programs that focus on protecting the environment and supporting communities, youth, and education in cities served by the airline. The company also has its own JetBlue Foundation that supports aviation-related education, as well as a program that lets customers donate miles to nonprofits. JetBlue’s coupons at Goodshop let you enjoy savings on a range of getaways while donating 1.5 percent of sales to your choice of charity. Follow JetBlue’s Coupons for Good page on Facebook to get notifications when new offers are available.


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Park ’N Fly

Park ’N Fly offers airport parking service near more than 67 airports across the United States. When you book through the company’s website, you can reserve your parking space online and enjoy a convenient shuttle service to the terminal. Park ’N Fly also supports disaster relief efforts through its foundation and participates in fundraising events and efforts for a variety of causes. The company will give a whopping 4 percent of sales to the charity of your choice when you sign up for deals through its Goodshop coupon page, and you’ll find even more discounts on Facebook.

Luxury Hotel Programs

Goodwill programs are becoming very popular at posh hotels and boutique resorts. The Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica, Balboa Bay Club Resort in California, Palace Hotel in New York City, and Liberty Hotel in Boston are just a few luxurious lodgings that invite visitors to sponsor relief efforts for homelessness, education, and more. If you’re checking into a high-end hotel, ask the staff whether the hotel offers a goodwill program for travelers. Letting hotels know that travelers want these programs will go a long way toward heightening their availability.

The Different Travel Company

The Different Travel Company is a resource for travelers who want to take their humanitarian efforts to new levels. This travel agency offers firsthand experiences that let you give back to the communities you visit. You’ll learn more about sustainable travel on these trips, and you’ll visit places such as Cambodia, Brazil, and Borneo, where you can directly affect people’s lives. The Different Travel Company also donates a portion of proceeds to charities in the markets it serves.

Travel and tourism have a massive effect on the environment, as well as, in the case of international travel, on the people living in destination communities. Spending your dollars with companies that care about the planet’s resources and the communities they serve is a big first step toward traveling responsibly.

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