How to Survive Working from Home

Being a mom of five kids I always wonder how to survive working from home.

working from home


Setting your own schedule, being your own boss and possibly even working in your pyjamas. Sounds great, right? If only working from home were as simple as that. The reality is, making the step to go freelance and work from home is a big deal and it’s something that requires a good amount of thought.

Firstly, for the extroverts among us, stepping away from a buzzing office environment can crush productivity and loneliness can set in. There’s something about a social environment that makes extroverts (and introverts too) thrive.

Others, who need an authoritative figure, find that the lack of accountability can lead to missing client demands and self-made deadlines. Yes, at some point you might actually begin to miss your boss. Who would have thought?

On top of that, when you’re your own boss, you’re required to gather and pay for all the tools you need to complete the job. So, if there’s any expensive software or hardware you need, that’s on you.

Now, we’re not trying to put you off going freelance and working from home; the opposite, in fact. When the art of working from home has been mastered, anyone can thrive. It’s simply important to recognize that the appealing route isn’t going to be a breeze.

If you manage to block distractions and get yourself in the right mind set, you can achieve remarkable things when working from home. Plus, you’ll benefit from a fantastic work-life balance by being able to set your own schedule.

This infographic by My Kind of Monday shows that if you work on your mind set, gather the right tools and are resourceful, then you’ll be thriving instead of surviving.



6 thoughts on “How to Survive Working from Home

  1. I believe I’ve been able to do a good job with working from home but I admit there are still some distractions. For example, I am guilty of checking my emails constantly. I need to come up with a schedule for checking emails and not do that every time I remember to do so. You’ve also mentioned some interesting tools esp that browser extension that prevents you from procrastinating. I could use that, haha!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. People don’t realize how challenging working from home actually is. All of my friends and family assume it is easy breezy, that I can slack off, clean the house, and run errands all while managing a full time job. In reality, it is super challenging to keep yourself motivated and focused, and getting used to be alone all day long. These are all fantastic tips and I love they are presented in infographics. I will be sharing this with my work team so we can all benefit from them!

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      You are absolutely right. It takes lot of time – and it is not easy – to learn how to work with your time and balance home and work life while working from home.

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