How To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Children

Do you  know how to make brushing teeth fun for your children?

brushing teeth fun


If you have been think that it’s okay if your kid’s baby teeth have a cavity or two and that they are going to fall out anyway, you are mistaken! These baby teeth will set space for the adult teeth. Moreover, these cavities can be painful and can cost money. More importantly, it can affect your child’s oral health in the long run. So, it is important that you make your kid form a good oral care habit. But getting your kid to brush can be difficult sometimes. Here are some tips and tricks which you can use to encourage your kid to brush properly without any trouble.

Set a Good Example

It is a fact that kids watch their parents and try to imitate them. If you have caught your son putting on shaving cream on their cheeks, or your daughter trying her mother’s makeup, then there is a good chance that he/she will imitate you when you make them believe that brushing could be fun too.

Let your kids watch you brush and floss. You can even exaggerate your action to show the critical steps of the brushing process. Let them watch you brush clean your tongue, massage the gums and reach the farthest teeth in the back! Once you are finished, flash your pearly whites in the mirror to see that you have done a great job. Show that you are happy and proud to show the reward of a brushing job done well!

Turn Brushing Teeth into a Fun Activity

Let your child pick a toothbrush that he likes. Perhaps a toothbrush with his favorite superhero or cartoon character on it will make him excited already. Get a toothpaste with flavors other than mint! You can even brush your teeth along with your kid, play his favorite song from his favorite cartoon series. Play games!

  • Give your kid a toothbrush to play with. Let him brush his stuffed animal’s teeth while you brush his.
  • Let him brush your teeth.
  • You can even download fun apps like “Disney Magic Timer” or “Brush DJ”  to make his daily brushing routine more fun.
  • Siblings can compete each other or their parents in a friendly battle in which you have to beat the cavity monster!


brushing teeth fun


A Prize in the End

If everything else fails, you can always put a reward in place. Don’t think of it as a bribe. Adults get salary for being at work too! The reward could be anything (not necessarily anything elaborate) to motivate your child to brush properly. For example, get a bunch of stickers that your kid might love. Reward your child with one sticker each after they brush properly. Once, they collect a certain number of stickers, you can surprise him with an even bigger reward!

With time, your child might even start to look forward to brushing teeth. Encouraging good oral care habits doesn’t need to be a task. With creativity, you can add a lot of fun into it for your kid. Who knows, you might even like it more than your kid!

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