Making Your Home Safe for Your Baby

How to make your home safe for your baby?

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Nothing is more important to a responsible parent than responsible parenting measures for their child and family. This can be seen in parents “over investment” into the well being of their children from the earliest stages of parenting. Where manageable, parents can control through simple DIY modifications, the home environment that directly impacts their child’s safety. Where external supplier considerations are required, parents are willing to engage and spend funds to ensure their baby is well protected.

Having a new addition to the family impacts parents in almost every way possible. This can be seen in the form of financial commitments, lifestyle changes and home modifications. At the end of it all, the parents view these changes invaluable to the joy a baby brings. I mean can anything be too high a price for the exchange of a babies smile. Or what about that pure smell of babies skin or the feel of their feet. For these reasons, more so, parents are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their baby is safe and sound.

A home should be modified in stages in which the baby grows. At early infancy, there would not be an immediate need to see to pool gate safety measures but there is a need for crib safety, smoke detectors, two way baby sound monitors and other considerations. Pillow and toy accessory considerations are imperative as in the unfortunate event of a stuffed toy falling on the babies face could see suffocation risks for a baby who doesn’t yet have the movement capacity to remove from its face. Regardless of a parent buying hightech electrical products like a humidifier, smoke detectors are a must in event of electrical faults that could result in fires. All emergency numbers and precautions needs to be readily within reach such as extinguishers etc.

With the growth and development stages of a baby, the home pretty much takes a new form and timeously with the aging of the baby. Stairway gates and secure railings with pool locks being required for a crawling baby. Indoor basics like wall plug protections and removal of hazardous items such as plants, access to medicine cupboards, heaters and stoves etc.


safe home


Even aesthetics to the home need to be relooked like furniture edges and moveable items like TV stands, bookshelves, décor pieces, sharp corners and easily ingestible fabrics. All in all, apart from the care and overlooking from a guardian, nanny or parent, no one can ever be around the baby 24/7 which means, the few minutes you do take to yourself need to still support a child friendly environment. Of course cutlery considerations and play items will cover the risk for baby’s safety but that’s usually at a price. Cheaper baby products may not always ensure baby safety than products made with care consideration and quality.

A baby is the best gift to loving caring parents and in turn a parents commitment to look after a baby as carefully as humanly possible is the greatest gesture of loving a baby in return.

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  1. This is all great advice and there is so much to think about. Having a child is such a beautiful experience but keeping them healthy and safe is the most important aspect. Thank you for sharing and what a great service.

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