7 Necessary Tips For Your First Time Caravanning With Kids

Kids love activities like caravanning that take them away from the boring houses and provide them with additional beneficial things to do on weekends or any other day.

caravanning with kids


The outdoor experience becomes their new playground, and you will see them warm up to the fun and thrill of the new experience. However, caravanning with kids can be challenging, especially if you are new to it. Here are essential tips you must consider as a first-time caravan enthusiast.

Research extensively

You need to search extensively for possible destinations before you embark on a caravan trip with kids. Many tourist destinations have a lot of information centres controlled by professional individuals. Who have in-depth knowledge of sceneries, kid friendly caravan parks and fun camping activities you can do at the place. You should also about the nearest dump sites, toiletries and available clean water.


caravanning with kids


You need to develop a daily routine for the kids

Kids are fragile and difficult. You must form a daily routine to prepare them mentally and physically. Since you are going to a different and dynamic environment, the kids may experience changes in their eating and sleeping routines. The resulting effects of such changes may also include increased temper that may interfere with the fun. As a result, you have to prepare the children beforehand to enable them get used to the caravan environment. You can prepare meals and necessary snacks before you embark. Make them stick to a specific sleeping routine and other night and morning activities such bathing, story time and oral grooming.

Makes sure the van is safe and secure

You need to prepare a comprehensive checklist of the vehicle and a caravan. Since it is your first time, you have to identify the right van for you. Getting a vehicle for caravanning is not expensive. You can opt for a used caravan or vehicle, which are highly available at cheaper rates. However, you need to get it right when choosing a used vehicle, so you don’t end up with something that will make caravanning challenging.

From a winnebago era for sale to a reliable Toyota, there are plenty of options in the market that cater to different needs and budgets. Plus, make sure to check and double-check all safety measures inside the van before hitting the road.

Once you get the vehicle, prepare a detailed roadworthy checklist and vehicle maintenance log. This is to make sure there are no caravan roadworthy issues. Make sure the towing aid is in check and functioning properly. Check the drawers and other items on the list and make sure they are secure. Remove the wheel chocks and check if the lighting systems are functioning well.


caravanning with kids


Carry with you first aid and hygiene supplies

Caravanning is not that safe for kids. Most of them will occasionally suffer bruises, scratches and cuts. That said, you have to travel with a first aid kit to handle such situations if they occur. The first aid kit should have bandages, sterilizing pads, antibacterial ointments and allergy drugs. Also, pack hand sanitizers and baby wipes to clean up their messes during meals.

Manage your laundry

You surely don’t want to wash when caravanning. That is why you need to prepare enough clothes before to ensure they don’t run out. Clothes can be a problem when camping, especially if you have babies or toddlers. In case you have to wash at the campsite, do this before breakfast. Washing accessories may be limited, so you have to plan carefully. Some camping sites have washing facilities while other may not. Check with the administrator whether the facilities are there before you embark on the trip.

Hit the road early

Since you have kids, it is important to rise earlier enough and get things ready before hitting the road. You need to travel to the campsite earlier enough before other people join the roads to alleviate unnecessary delays. This is important when you are a first-timer because you won’t have any trouble driving in light traffic.

Always involve the kids in your plans

Give the kids an opportunity to play a role in planning for the event. This is a precious opportunity for them. Most of the kids have one or two ideas about a perfect place they would want to visit. Take this into consideration as you organize the whole activity.

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  1. I like the recommendation to have a roadworthy checklist to check off when going over the vehicle. I think this could be a good way of making sure everything that needs to be checked, is checked, as well as making sure the caravan is road legal. It would be a shame if we were to set only to find out our lights aren’t working, etc. It’s something I’ll have to keep in mind when getting my vehicle legal and ready to go.

  2. Spending holidays with our kids is a challenging experience. The outdoor experience becomes new playground for the kids. But for the elders it is very stressful. Here the author has mentioned some tips for first time caravan enthusiast. First we have to research extensively to choose the destination before leaving for a caravan trip with kids. To prepare the kids for the caravan trip we have to develop them mentally and physically. We have to make a daily routine for them.

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