Feng Shui Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

How to feng shui your home in 5 easy steps?

feng shui home


Feng shui is the art of harmonizing the primary metaphysical elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth) with the environment to balance the energy (chi) surrounding us. The homes with the right feng shui can have a positive influence on our health, relationships wealth and prosperity. More and more people are embracing feng shui techniques to design homes that are peaceful and inviting sanctuaries. If you follow Sadia Suhail’s advice you can also feng shui your home in an easy way.

#1 Have a Welcoming Entrance

The front door is known as the mouth of chi from where all the positive energy enters your home. So, make sure the entrance to your home is inviting without any blockage in its way. The door should be able to open effortlessly and have an appealing design to strengthen and channel the positive energy throughout the house. Paint it evenly with an attractive color. Place a beautiful piece of art in front of the entrance as it is the first thing anyone is going to notice when entering your home.


feng shui home


Don’t turn your entrance into a busy space. There should be no staircase, a big window, or another door in front of the entrance. You should leave all your worries outside upon entering a calm and relaxed space. Make the space outside your home attractive as well. Make a habit of using this door instead of secondary doors to invite abundance and prosperity into your lives.

#2 Design a Feng Shui Home Layout

Here is how you can incorporate the feng shui principles while designing the layout of your home. There are three primary energy points in your home, also known as ‘feng shui trinity’ i.e. the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. To have a good feng shui home, you must accurately implement feng shui in these areas. The goal is to seek balance in your environment by representing the five elements in every room.

Avoid having too many doors and windows in a line as it is not suitable for the chi of the house. The bedroom should be located at the back of the home, away from all the busy and noisy areas with active energy. Living rooms should be at the front of the homes as it is where all the social gatherings and activities happen. Hence, itneeds loads of moving energy.

The staircase has a lot of disturbing energy so it should not be located in the center of the home which is considered the heart of the home. Avoid having it in the front either as it disrupts the chi entering into your home. It should not be near the kitchen as your health depends on the calm energy of a peaceful kitchen. The same rules apply to the bathroom which is another negative energy point in your home.

#3 Where to Place the Furniture?

Feng shui requires you to have minimal furniture setting in every room. The key furniture pieces should be put in commanding position in every room, where you are in charge of your surroundings. Therefore, place your bed and sofa against a wall instead of a window from where you can have a view of the whole room. Have a seating plan that encourages conversation and bonding.

Have excessive clear space in each room to boost the energy flow. Avoid having stuff with sharp edges pointing towards people e.g. a square center table. Keep your electronic devices, such as TV and laptop, out of the living area and the bedroom.


feng shui home


#4 Create the right ambience

The home should be well-lit and airy to create a good feng shui atmosphere. Have large enough windows in each room to let sunlight pour in during the daytime. Include few ceiling lights and lamps to have a soft and balanced light throughout your home and to prevent any dark corners.

Use neutral earthy tones in your home with some accents and pops of color wher needed. Embellish your home with striking and meaningful art pieces. Use mirrors in proper feng shui spots. Have a fountain if your space permits. Not only it looks magnificent, but flowing water also symbolizes incoming wealth.

#5 Have tidy surroundings

The fundamental principle of feng shui is to be clutter-free and well-organized. Get rid of all the useless and broken stuff. Keep your surroundings clean and dirt-free. Organize your rooms and cupboards to get the chi flowing freely throughout your home without any blockage.


feng shui home


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feng shui home

This article was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior design, home decor and art & craft. She recently wrote a comprehensive guide on feng shui 2016.

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  1. This is very interesting. I’ve never attempted to feng shi my home… but with these I might try. Placement was always a problem since I had such a small living space and too many things – but once I move I might be able to spread it out more. Yay! Thanks for the tips.

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