Easy-to-make Birthday Invitation Card

What’s a good invitation card like? Explosive! Literally…

birthday invitation card


Before I show you what makes a really explosive yet easy-to-make invitation card, let me tell you about my relationship to parties.

There are few things that make my heart beat faster and more irregularly than the word ’party’, should we be hosts or guests. The latter option is obviously less painful, but it nonetheless holds a lot of possibilites of worrying about something: what gift to get, how to get there and back, how to explain to the kids that some of them are invited and some aren’t…

In a family with five children birthdays are a pretty common occurrance and consequently the need to throw a party – with guests, other kids – arises frequently. A cool birthday party, however, is not the same as 5 o’ clock tea and sophisticated conversation among English ladies that is all over before you know it. No, a party is a thing on the scale of a tsunami, or whatever you choose to call the natural phenomenon destroying homes and threatening mothers.

If you, Dear Reader, are now thinking what an impenitent woman I must be, one who wouldn’t let her children have a party – don’t forget about the fact that I have five of them – then rest assured, I do host parties and sometimes invite guests, but these two events never overlap… neither in time nor in space.

Once, and only once –still as a young parent- did I almost agree to hosting BigBoy’s birthday party in our home and inviting a few guests – mainly boys, obviously. (Un)fortunately we participated in a celebration of the extended family before the big day. About forty of our relatives gathered in a third floor apartment in Buda (Hungary) and it was at this point that I knew that there would never be a party in our house, only through my dead body. Husband must have had similar thoughts, because as soon as we got home, he frantically started sweeping through the internet with the intention of finding an available event center just the right distance away from our house (and under no circumstances inside of it), a place where the kids could go on a rampage without us having to flee to a distant foreign country.

I honestly admire parents who undertake hosting parties to a group of people, but life with five children is a bit like throwing parties every day. The failed attempts to entertain the seemingly bored kids –who are in fact almost bursting with energy- with some meaningful activities and eventually giving in to a feeling of total abandon, these things are everyday actualities. (Source.)

Birthday invitation card

birthday invitation card



  • white A4-sized sheet of cardboard
  • balloons
  • confetti
  • a sheet of paper for the text
  • washi tape


birthday invitation card



  • print and cut out the provided schemas (or create your own based on the samples, size should be 16×12 cm)
  • write text on a plain white A6-sized sheet of paper, fold it in two and roll it on the smaller one
  • put the invitation card inside the balloon and put a handful of confetti around it
  • fix the balloon to its place using a small lenght of washi tape (between the two instrucions on the cardboard sheet)
  • let the guests take care of the rest

Click on the picture below to download schema.


birthday invitation card

7 thoughts on “Easy-to-make Birthday Invitation Card

  1. This was such a great post to read, I absolutely loved it.

    I hate going to the grocery store and buying birthday cards because I spend way to much time to pick something out. Plus, this is a nice surprise for the ones who hate confetti!

    1. Hello Kenzee,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words.
      This is my payback for the musical toys we’ve got for years from our friends… LOL.

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