6 Important Challenges Every Mom Faces While Working from Home

What are the most important challenges you face as being a stay at home mom while working from home?

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31st August 2002 – the last day I spent as a working journalist at the Hungarian News Agency, my work office. Since then I haven’t been working in the old-fashioned sense… (as being a stay at home mom of five kids I work all day of course). But in September 2016 all my kids go to kindergarten and school so I stay at home alone and I will have time to do something looks like work in the old-fashioned sense but not in an office. I feel working from home much differs from working in an office. But am I ready for this? What are the most important challenges you face as being a stay at home mom while working from your own home and how to face them?

Here are some great tips from Meighan Sembrano who has done her Mass Communication degree and she is an author at Consumer Health Digest. I hope you find them as useful as I did.

As a mother, your child is the center of your universe. All over the world, there are millions of women who have decided that they would rather from home than be away from their children for eight hours a day. However, the moment you decide to enter into this category, you have to be aware of the challenges that might arise on the way. We will discuss some of these in the paragraphs that follow, along with some solutions to overcome them successfully.

#1 Time Management

This is perhaps the biggest challenge to overcome. If you were to work outside of the home, it would be easier to manage your time. But, when you are working from home, you have to prepare the kids for school, prepare meals and handle work-related responsibilities fairly at the same time. Things can get mixed up quite easily, and you might find yourself overwhelmed. To get on the right track, organize your daily calendar one day ahead and make sure that you stick to it.


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#2 Food

When you are at the office, you have a set amount of time, especially for lunch. At home, you might be tempted to skip lunch and finish your job-related tasks, to save time. However, you have to remember that you need food, to function. By skipping meals, you will end up overweight, and that is not something to look forward to. Also, you might be tempted to choose less healthy meals in the end. It is for the best to come up with the best diet plan, establishing hours for the most important meals of the day and following them accordingly.

#3 Water

Sitting at your computer, you might become so absorbed in your work, that you will even forget to drink water. Or, depending on how many conference calls you have to be a part of, you might not have the time for even a small sip. Well, this is one of the easiest challenges to overcome. Take a water bottle and keep it near your computer, in plain sight. As for conference calls, excuse yourself and take a drink of water. No one will mind, and you will feel thankful, knowing that you are hydrated.

#4 Guilt

When you are at home, you might constantly be interrupted by your children, feeling guilty that you cannot cater to their every need. However, you have to take some time aside and educate them on this matter. They need to respect your working hours and provide you with the peace and quiet you deserve, to complete your work related tasks. In this way, you will no longer feel guilty and enjoy your work at the same time.

#5 Sleep

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Many women work through the night, to cater for the children during the day. The more hours you spend awake instead of sleeping, the more obvious your fine lines under eyes are going to be. As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, you have to establish a schedule and stick to it, especially when it comes to sleep. Work during the day, as much as you possibly can and try to get at least seven hours of sleep per night.

#6 Adult time

If you work from home, this means that you have to handle a multitude of tasks at the same time (and not necessarily related). At the end of the day, you will feel more tired than you ever expected, wanting nothing else but go to sleep. This means that you will have very little time and energy to spend with your partner. Once again, having a regular schedule will allow you to squeeze some adult time in your daily calendar, perhaps even a date night. These are some of the important challenges every mom faces while working from home. As you have seen, these can be overcome, so you should not worry too much and rather enjoy the near presence of your children every day.

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Meighan Sembrano has done her Mass Communication degree. In her free time, she likes to write about Health, Lifestyle Fitness, Glozine world news and Beauty. She is an author at Consumer Health Digest since 2012. Find her on: TwitterFacebookPinterest

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  1. These are some really great tips. I work outside the home, but my schedule allows me to work from my home 2 days each week. My work from home days are WAY busier than my office days because I’m always throwing in little tasks like running through a load of laundry and doing a quick vacuum while I heat up my lunch!

  2. This post comes at the perfect time as I am trying to think through my next job move and whether or not working from home is a good option for me and my family. I feel like there are many challenges and rewards that can come from working at home but that in the end it would take a lot of time management and dedication to make sure you’re getting time for you too!

    1. Hello Libby,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      I absolutely agree with you. My husband works sometimes from home and these days are much more crazier than they could be.
      Have a wonderful day.

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