Mission Not So Impossible: Keep Your Kids Entertained During Winter

How to keep your kids entertained during the winter? It’s not as hard as you think it for the first time.

kids entertained during winter


As I’ve already mentioned, my favorite season was winter. But it’s a hard time for me as a mom of five kids. Thanks to the chilly weather at this time we spent more time in our apartment than during other seasons of the year. And I don’t like when they just sit and play with their phones or tablets or just being bored. So what can I do, how can I keep my kids entertained during these days?

The fashion and style blogger, Sophia Smith from Brisbane in this guest post shows you the best winter’s indoor activities for the whole family.

Winter is the perfect time for indoor activities with children. Challenging games are the best solution because they will help a child develop his or her intellectual skills. Different games boost different abilities in a child, therefore it is paramount to include diverse games and activities during playtime.


during winter

The Perfect Games of Patience

Some of the games that are recommended for children are Sudoku games, chess and puzzles. However, learning foreign languages is also highly beneficial for a child’s development, alongside playing games that affect his or her concentration and develop their patience. Moreover, karaoke is a great way to have fun and end the day with laughter.


entertained kids during winter


Playing Scrabble reinforces skills when words are spelled out and points counted. For children under the age of ten, it is always recommended they are given a dictionary and a calculator to use. With the help of  UnscrambleX they can make sure that the word they use is actually a real word or if it is spelled correctly. The game will be much more exciting, and just difficult enough for them.

Time to be Creative

Putting together a scrapbook of the family’s most recent photographs from a family vacation, or Christmas day would be a very good creative task for a child. This allows him or her to put their own personalized touch on the artwork. Scrapbooking stimulates a child’s mind creatively and fine tunes motor skills.

Rolling a Ball

If a child is two or three years old, rolling a ball with him or her is the perfect game for teaching body awareness, gross motor skill and concentration. The ball should be of appropriate size for a toddler so that he or she can carry it with both hands.

A parent can sit opposite a child, a couple of feet apart. Then, the ball should be rolled gently to the child and he or she should be encouraged to roll the ball back. As the child gets better, the distance between a child and a parent can be increased.

Playing Nesting Games

Nesting game can be the perfect alternative for puzzle games. A toddler is given the nesting toys or toys of different sizes that can fit inside each other. Furthermore, cups, or bowls of different sizes can also be used instead of toys. They can be made from cardboard boxes.


kids entertained during winter


The point of the game is to show the child that toys can be fitted within each other. Afterwards, a parent can take the nested toys apart and encourage a child to nest the toys on their own. This game will teach a toddler how to differentiate sizes, and solve problems through logical reasoning.

Doing Puzzles

Paper puzzle is an amazing creative game. A parent can make shapes out of colored paper, alongside a board that contains drawings that fit the paper shapes. A child should match the cut-up shapes with the ones on the board.

Moreover, a parent can get large, colorful and engaging pictures of some objects from magazines. Afterwards, pictures can be cut in four so that a child can put them back together again. A game can be more challenging if the picture is cut into more than 4 pieces. Moreover, it can be cut in irregular shapes, or cutouts from two pictures can be mixed as well.


kids entertained during winter


The choices for entertaining the kids during the winter are numerous. All a parent has to do is be creative, and imaginative and the kids will be perfectly satisfied, and more importantly they will learn while playing.

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