Candle Decoration for New Year’s Eve

How to make personalized candle decoration for New Year’s Eve?

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It’s much easier than you can imagine.

To be honest, I don’t like New Year’s Eve. For me there’ nothing special in this day, it’s the same as the other days. But my kids… they love it. Every year I organize a party for them – not in our apartment – with their cousin: they have fun and we – me and my husband – have a few hours to be alone.

My mom and my aunt make the food for the party, my task is the decoration. If I have time, I make origami lampions and garlands but this year I hadn’t enough free time to make such beauties. But on a really good party, there’s always some funny, creative decorations… right? So I looked around in the kitchen and I found some tealights and white papers… poor offer. But I solved the problem and I made some personalized tealights with secret felicitations. (Source.)

Tealights with secret felicitations

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  • take the tealight out of the candlecup
  •  pull out from the tealight the candle wick together with its bottom
  • cut out circles from the paper fitting together with the candle wick’s bottom (or JUST CLICK HERE to download the Mom With Five version)
  • make a hole with the stick in the middle of the paper
  • pull the circle on the candle wick
  • put the tealight on the paper and put it back in the candlecup

When you light the candle, the secret message will appear on the bottom of the candlecup.


jókívánságok gyertyában


I wish to all my readers a very Happy New Year! Meet in 2016!

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