5 DIY Christmas Crafts You Can Squeeze In

It’s never too late to get started on your Christmas crafts!

DIY christmas crafts


Christmas is just around the corner, and by now, most families have their decorations hanging and their presents neatly wrapped underneath the tree. But with such busy schedules, especially around this time of year, some of us haven’t had the time for ornaments and the decor. Instead of doing all of this yourself, get your kids to help.

Getting your children involved in the process is a perfect way to have the family bond and also add a personal touch to your living room decorations, but possibly one of the most important things about arts and crafts is the developmental benefits.

“It can not only keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, but also extend a child’s fine motor skills, develop concepts like color or numbers, and see scientific processes like gluing and paint drying in action.” (Kidspot)

Another great thing about creative DIY projects and baking in the kitchen is that it helps everyone get into the spirit of the holiday, which the founder of Tootsa MacGinty Kate Pietrasik previously demonstrated in a blog post with her family’s favorite Halloween crafts. So if your little ones haven’t mustered up the excitement for Christmas yet, some arts and crafts should do the trick.

Without further ado, here are some Christmas craft ideas that the whole family will adore:

Colorful Ornaments

DIY christmas crafts


Hanging antique ornaments on your tree might be a family holiday tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add their own creations. Visit a crafts store and purchase ball filling plastic ornaments so that they can fill them with whatever they desire. Ribbons, pompoms, beads, candy, you name it!

DIY Stockings

There are dozens of ways to make your own Christmas stockings, using felt, old sweaters, any fabric you can think of. Check out the different stocking projects on Top Dreamer to see the kind of design your children like.


DIY christmas crafts

Handmade Cards and Gift Tags

Create a set of cards and gift tags using construction paper and leftover fabrics. The fabric can be cut out into shapes, like candy canes, gingerbread men and Christmas trees. The shapes then can be attached with a hot glue gun or by sewing, but make sure that only the adults are handling this part.


DIY christmas crafts

String Paper Lights for Gift Embellishments

If the wrapping paper you’ve got on hand is plain, you can always dress the gift up with string paper lights. Real Simple explains that this gift wrap idea adds an unexpected touch to presents. Gather your kids and cut out bulb shapes using construction paper and then attach them to twine.


DIY christmas crafts

Coffee Stirrer Snowflakes

Pipe cleaners and paper are just too flimsy to make sturdy snowflakes. To make them last, try making snowflakes by gluing coffee stirrers together and then hang them on your tree, place them on your mantle, or stick them on the wall.


DIY christmas crafts


Feel free to share any last minute Christmas craft ideas below!

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Jenna Ashleigh is a stay-at-home mom with three girls, and she is loving home life. Having always been the creative one in her family growing up, she constantly looks for ways to engage her daughters in artsy projects.

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  1. These ideas are brilliant! I have yet to find any clear Christmas bulbs that can be opened (sometimes being in Canada sucks haha), but I will keep trying! Goal for next year haha! I may try the string lights for my boys tomorrow for fun! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas 🙂

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