How To Create Christmas Atmosphere In Your Bedroom?

How to create a Christmas atmosphere in your bedroom without spending too much?

create a christmas atmosphere


Less than four days are left before the main holiday of the year, Christmas is the time of miracles, joy and happiness. At this time everyone gets together with family and friends, eats amazing foods and opens lots of gifts. This is the coziest period of the year and I think that the whole house should be decorated for the holiday not only the rooms where you invite your friends, your relatives or have a meal with your own family.

Your bedroom shouldn’t be forgotten! Christmas bedding can bring the holiday home for far more than one day a year.  If you want to feel the Christmas feeling from the first moment of waking up, you need to decorate this room too… and there are so many ways to do so – hanging ornaments, garlands or stocking -, but the simplest one is using Christmas bedding.

If you turn your comforter or duvet into a celebratory theme with one of the creative designs form the collection of The Yorkshire Linen Co., you can enjoy the holiday as long as you want.


create a Christmas atmosphere
The Yorkshire Linen Co.

For me and for my kids the traditional colors for décor of Christmas is red and white. The fans of these two colors and the traditional style can find perfect bedding at Marks and Spencer.


create a Christmas atmosphere
Marks and Spencer

For a more sophisticated variant you can choose blue with silver or gold, but if you are a fan of minimalist style, use simply black and white… the most important is the decoration accords to your style and mood.

Although my kids love the traditional Christmas style, according to them there is no Christmas without glitter. If you also like glitter in winter holiday decoration, the Next bedding collection is designed for you.


create a Christmas atmosphere

We and our five children love that wonderful time of the year and the excitement that comes with this special season and Christmas bedding helps filling our home with its joy.

What is your favorite one?

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  1. I fully believe in decorating every room of the house for Christmas! If only my fiance would let me change the sheets too, I would scoop that old fashioned Santa bed set up in a hot minute!

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