What To Do With Kids In Fall Holidays?

What to do with kids in fall holidays? Have fun and be creative!

nálatok laknak-e állatok


Fall holidays are off on in full swing, my five kids are at home and it’s not easy to offer them varied programs. We spend a lot of time in the fresh air, but when the weather is chilly and rainy I need something creative to make them sit down not to blow up our apartment in five minutes.

My kids love animals, but at home we have no pets and if it’ up to me we’ll never have any. Make no mistake, I like pets, but not in a fifth-floor apartment. To lessen the opposition between us I found out to create animal shape bookmarks and fridge magnets during the holidays. Besides, these objects will be perfect for the coming school fair.

Let’s see how to make them!

Fox bookmark and owl fridge magnet

nálatok laknak-e állatok

Supplies (owl fridge magnet)


  • first shape a ball from the clay
  • smoosh to make a circle
  • use the marker’s cap to make UUUUUU on belly
  • fold the left and the right side in
  • fold the top down and pinch a bit the ears
  • use the marker cap to make eyes
  • use a knife to make beak
  • you can smoosh sides a little bit to make owl more round
  • let it dry
  • finally when it dried, turn the owl and glue a magnet on the back

nálatok laknak-e állatok

Supplies (fox bookmark)

  • 6 inches x 6 inches orange paper
  • black marker
  • white paper sheet
  • scissors
  • paper glue


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