How To Take Pics of Norwegian Fjords?

How to take pics of Norwegian fjords if we want lifelike colors? The answer is simple: take a kayak!

fotózzunk norvég fjordokat


I am a great fan of the Scandinavian countries since I spent a month in Finland many years ago thanks to a journalist fellowship. At first sight I was trapped by the beauty of the nature, I was impressed by the calm, cool and freshness. Maybe it’s suprising to many of you, but I love winter.

So it is with this Tomasz Furmanek, an amateur Polish photographer who takes pics of Norwegian fjords from his kayak. He has started shooting incredible, unique and non-traditional nature photos for three years. His goal is to capture the beauty and the balance of the nature around the fjords and lakes.



Most of his photographs are images of nature with calm water surface, which acts as a mirror.


kajak10 fotózzunk norvég fjordokat fotózzunk norvég fjordokat


Looking at his pics you feel you miss something if you don’t go there right now.




If you want to follow Tomasz Furmanek, you can join him here.

So who wants to go now?

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    1. Hello Brooke,
      Thanks for stopping by. Oh, how lucky you are that your mom is from Norway. I really want to go there once in my life. It’s amazing.
      Have a nice day.

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