Back-To-School Fashion Trends

What are the latest back-to-school fashion trends?

back-to-school trends


School started a few weeks ago. I purchased all supplies for my kids in time, but by now they are running out of lots of things: pencils and pens are lost or broken, markers are dried out… not to mention their clothes. There’re more holes and smears on them than it is acceptable for me and then as if this were not enough they just simply outgrew them. What could I do? I try to update their wardrobe in an inexpensive way. I am not a fashion freak, but at shopping, I consider my kids’ wishes and try buying trendy pieces.

What are the latest back-to-school trends for this year? The fashion and style blogger, Sophia Smith from Brisbane in this guest post helps you to find the best pieces for your school children.

When the summer holidays are over, children have to prepare for school. Not only do they have to buy school supplies, but it is also necessary to evaluate what clothes and shoes are needed for the new school year. There are several fashionable back-to-school trends for children and youth, but the most important thing is that for the children to feel comfortable.


back-to-school trends


Inspired by the fashion of the 80s and 90s, bright and neon colors can be found in all types of clothing – trousers, blouses, shirts, shoes, and accessories. For those who like a bright or bold look, it is recommended to combine it with neutral tones, and thus be able to pull off this trend in a more discreet way at school.

Tops and bottoms

This season, the choice is a lot bigger than simply the traditional blue and black jeans. Colorful jeans in yellow, red, turquoise, gray, brown, pink, and so on are very popular. Also, unlike any other season, there are jeans in a variety of cuts for all body types – from the skinny ones to the more loose ones with a straight-leg or bell-bottom style.

As for tops, shirts and blouses are a hit. There is a variety of graphic Tees, with squares, wide and thin lines, floral patterns, and all kinds of prints. Some metallic accents on clothing are also noticeable. The popular shirts usually have a V-neck and are long enough to reach the hips – for both girls and boys. They are no longer as loose as before and there is a tendency to wear them rather tight, but not as a ‘body wrap’, though.


back-to-school trends


Moreover, for boys, ‘joggers’ are comfortable and super fashionable. For girls, there are many patterned leggings and sweatshirts or hoodies with different phrases. They are still used by all the favorite brands that usually offer some kind of a school deal to make it a bit easier for the parents.

Shoes and accessories

Quality tennis shoes are essential for school. Footwear inspiration is found in the classic 80s and 90s shoes to complete the trendy look and provide comfort at the same time. Boots and Converse shoes are undeniable favorites for this season’s back-to-school fashion. Again, there are many options color-wise – red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, turquoise and prints in black and white or black and gold or beige are everywhere.

As for the accessories for girls, big bags with long straps, which make the bags reach the hip, are the ones in the latest fashion this season. Furthermore, girls like to play with eye-catching details such as headbands and bobby pins, while boys can rock interesting bow ties.


back-to-school trends


Students should go to school in comfortable clothes, but keep in mind that the first impression is what counts the most both among the friends and the teachers. Classic clothes and a good pair of jeans are basics that one can wear for several seasons, so it is important to seek the highest quality and comfort that a budget would allow, and accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to update the wardrobe to fashion trends that come and go.


back-to-school trends

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