How to make homemade sidewalk chalk?

How to make sidewalk chalk at home?

táblafesték kréta nélkül


I have a dream… since our big apartment makeover. I would like a chalkboard wall paint in my kitchen. And not just because it’s very trendy, but it’s very useful for such a large family I live in. It could be used as a board… at last nobody would forget what to do and everybody would see what will be the dinner and I wouldn’t have to bark to no end.

But as I know Husband it remains just a dream.. forever. But dreaming is good…



If my dream would come true somehow I will definitely need chalks. Did you know you could make sidewalk chalk at home? You need just a few supplies and you already get it. Of course homemade sidewalk chalk is not only good for drawing or writing on the chalkboard paint wall but it’s also fun for kids. (Source.)

How to make homemade sidewalk chalk?

táblafesték kréta nélkül


  • tempera paint
  • plaster of Paris
  • water
  • paper tubes
  • wax paper
  • masking tape
  • plastic bags


  • first prepare – if you don’t have wrapping paper tubes, make some from cardboard as I did – the tubes (I made 6 inch long tubes)
  • line the interiors with wax paper
  • tape the base to seal one end and then set aside
  • mix 2-3 teaspoons tempera with a 1/2 cup of water (the color of the chalk depends how much amount tempera you put in the water)
  • stir it in 1/2-3/4 cup of plaster of paris (you need a sour cream consistence)
  • spoon the mixture into a small plastic bag and snip the end (work quickly because plaster can harden in 6 min)
  • squeeze the mixture into the tube
  • prop straight up (for example in a jar)
  • let is dry for at least 1 or 2 days
  • pick off the papers and have fun


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