How To Press Leaves In An Alternative Way?

Would you believe, there’s a spectacular painting method without using paintbrush?




My kids love collecting colorful leaves in autumn. I love it too but they use my books to press the collected leaves before they glue them to paper and make collage on the kids rooms’ corridor. And this is my problem: I want to read my books and not just to use them as a weight. I needed a creative idea to solve the difficulty between us. What was the solution? Here it is! (Source.)

New way of leaves pressing

This idea, which is a kind of leaves pressing or moreover a painting method without paintbrush is more than good because my kids could gratify their passions and however, with the help of it they make such objects we’re always short of. What am I talking about? About bookmarks, of course. I don’t know why but ours always disappear… So this idea .


  • handmade paper
  • leaves, flowers
  • paper towel
  • hammer

levélnyomtatás könyvjelző

How to make?

  • cut to size the handmade paper as you like
  • place the flower(s) or leaves on it
  • cover it with a paper towel and gently hit it with the hammer (go through it carefully, you don’t need great strength)
  • when you finish it, reveal the paper
  • if you do it well an imprint of the flower or leaf will remain on it
  • prune down the remains of the plant from the handmade paper
  • let your new bookmark dry and after about a half an hour you can already use it

levélnyomtatás könyvjelző

If you make it, come and show me on my facebook page!

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    1. Hello Haley,
      Thanks for coming back again. My kids loved this idea, the two-year-old LittleOne was very excited when he got the hammer in his hands… 🙂
      Have a nice day.

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