What Is Your Best Recipe Against Sleeplessness?

Hot honeyed milk, herbal tea, sleeping pills – common tips against sleeplessness. But what happens if nothing is any use?

Sad man holding pillow and the clock

Have you ever tried to solve your problem by hiking, watching the stars on the top of a mountain? Not yet? Maybe the time has come for you to try as Simon from Slovakia did.

By his own account the 27-year-old photographer can’t sleep at home so he decided to sleep where he can focus on relaxing… namely under the night sky among high mountains.

What do you think? Did he did it well?

And before and after sleeping he tooks amazing photos to show us how wonderul our world is.


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    1. Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment. I agree with you it would be so cool to live near mountains. In my country there aren’t high mountains. But in Slovakia (not too far from me) there are many… maybe I should move there.
      Have a nice day.

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