How to Make Your Own Jellyfish In A Bottle

How to make your own jellyfish in a bottle? It’s so easy and fun.


There are some animals I like admiring from a certain distance. For example jellyfish. These free-swimming marine animals are not the beautiful ones in the world: their bodies are gelatinous, their bite is dangerous… but as they move en masse through the deep blue sea it is amazing. My kids agreed with me when they’ve recently watched a nature film about jellyfish in the tv.

– If we have an aquarium, we have to buy some jellyfish definitely – said Fourth after the film.

– Yes, definitely – I answered. If we have an aquarium… but we won’t.

Hearing my answer Fourth felt aggrieved and he didn’t speak to me for a day. I didn’t want him to mope for a long time, so I tried to pep him up by offering to do something interesting that look like a jellyfish even it isn’t alive. Here’s my idea… (Source.)


  • empty water bottle
  • translucent grocery plastic bag
  • tread
  • scissors
  • food coloring


How to make?

Take the bag and fold it flat. Cut off the handles and the bottom of the bag. Cut it in half (you get two, one-layer translucent sheets but you need just one for one bottle).


Fold the center of the plastice sheet like a tiny balloon to make our jellyfish’s head. Tie it with a tread not too tight (you need a little hole in order to pour some water into the head part).


Cut the remaining plastic from the edge up to the head to make the jellyfish’s tentacles. (It takes time and it’s quite boring…) Put some water into the head part so that it can sink, but leave some air inside to allow it to float.

Fill the bottle with water and put a drop or two blue food coloring in it. Shake well the bottle for an even distribution of the color. If you do it well, your jellyfish looks like this before putting it into the bottle.


And… you’re ready! Let’s start playing! (Don’t forget to make sure the cap is properly closed and tight before you give it to children.)

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