How to make useful infoband easily?

How to make infoband easily from decor tape?

decor tape

Being a mom of five kids I’m always worried about losing sight of one or two of them in the crowd. BigBoy and BigGirl knows our phone numbers by heart and they can recall them even in emergency cases. But the little ones… they’re too young to do it.

I need something I can write on the most important infos about us and they can’t lose easily. For that purpose the best and the simplest solution a homemade infoband from decor tape. (Source.)

What you need?

  • colorful decor tape
  • scissors
  • water-resistant maker

infoband easily

How to make?

  • cut two pieces of the decor tape (one piece is as long as fits your child’s arm/not too tight, not too loose; the other one is 2 centimeters longer)
  • stick them together
  • write on the longer piece of decor tape with water-resistant marker the most useful info (names, phone numbers, address… what you find the most important)

decor tape

  • stick the two ends of decor tape together around your child’s arm

decor tape

  • if you don’t need it anymore just cut off

This kind of infoband is usually for one use (depends on the durability of decor tape) but it’s very useful and easy to make.

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