Big family on tour: Dudar

Do you like coutryside feeling? Let’s travel to a tiny Hungarian village, Dudar!


Have you ever heard about it? I don’t think so. Its name was unknown even for me ’till 2011. That year my children wanted to travel to a foresty place. I chose Bakony mountains ’cause it’s not too far from Budapest – the time is very important if you travel with many kids (at this time we had just four kids) – and I think this is one of the most attractive places in Hungary.

We had the destination but we had no accomodation. And then after some searching I found the perfect house in the middle of Bakony. That was Pajta Porta.

Pajta Porta is a lovely renewed 150-year-old farmhouse with 3 rooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, a big garden… and three donkeys. The owners are very friendly and they do everything you need, you want.

Here are some family friend programs: Nádasdy arboretum (15 km), Jásd/Szentkút shrine (more than 600-year-old and the oldest one in Hungary) and two beautiful cities to visit, Zirc (8 km) and Bakonybél (20 km). If you look for some challanges during your visit, try this: via ferrata at Csesznek.

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So don’t forget! If you come to visit Hungary there’s a place where you can relax in perfect conditions… it’s Dudar and Pajta Porta!

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