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My name is Barbara living in Hungary. I’m a family blogger. I’ve started my first blog on another site in 2014 summer to lessen the stress caused by our apartment’s renovation. In these hard days my blog meant to me the last resource. Finally we’ve survived those days and the blog too. After one year blogging I feel that the former blog site is too restricted for me so I’ve moved to wordpress.

Who are we?

Let me show you my family. We live in an apartment in Budapest with our 5 children. We have 4 boys and 1 girl. I don’t want to disclose their real names so I call them: BigBoy, BigGirl, MiddleOne, Fourth and the LittleOne. Living with five children… well… it’s full of humor, adventures and challenges.

lábak feet

If you decide to follow me you will see into our family life, I share our favourite recipes with you, you can travel with us through Hungary and I show you the world as I see. (The blog is bilingual: some posts are written in Hungarian, others in English, and there are posts in both languages.)

Join me!

(NOTICE: my English is poor, it was better before the birth of my children, for all that I try to do my best but it’s sure I will make mistakes…)

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